Our Story


Feleshia SamsAs a wife, mother of two, and a full-time entrepreneur I was constantly on the go.  Just as I was hitting my stride of balancing life, I began to feel sluggish and not the same.   One night I was awakened in the early morning hours with numbness in my arms and legs.  The numbness transitioned to tingling and pain that generated from my back and spread across each arm, legs and settled in my fingers and toes.    Most of the discomfort dissipated during the day but would reoccur periodically as I lay down at night.Assuming that the problem was due to stress, I did not seek help from my Primary Care Physician until about three weeks later.  Prior to the scheduled appointment, the country was hit with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the only access to a physician was a video appointment that led to an MRI almost three weeks later.   The wait time from receiving the MRI until an appointment could be scheduled with the Neurologist was almost six weeks.

During the period of waiting I took to the internet to research symptoms and each finding pointed to autoimmune deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis as a possible diagnosis.   Words cannot express how I felt as I read the same information over and over again.   My mind started to play the “What-if” game and no matter the final conclusion, I knew that I have two kids to raise, who need their mother to be whole and healthy.  Once the tears subsided, I discovered that with each potential diagnosis, on the same research page there was a proposed solution for managing autoimmune deficiency disease.  I chose to focus on the solution and not the problem.

A meeting with my Neurologist determined that there were no conclusive signs of MS; however, my immune system was severely compromised.  Therefore, my recommended recourse was additional vitamins, green vegetables, exercise and elimination of stress.

Because I had always been a relatively healthy person, I was so thrilled that my recommended treatment was not going to be full of prescription drugs.  As a result, I began putting together the best way for me to consume as many nutritional whole foods as possible.  This is what lead me to green superfoods.  With this option I would be able to add this to my smoothies, meals, and water throughout the day.  Wow, I thought this would be fantastic.  That was until I tried what was on the market and I could barely get through a half of a glass due to the potent taste.  I found this to be a problem and the entrepreneur in me wanted to find a solution.

Because of my busy schedule and with two small children I realized I don’t have the luxury of daily meal preparation.  Of course, this would minimize the amount of green vegetables that would be needed.  With this in mind, the objective was to find an “on the go” solution that could be managed from home or in the office any day of the week.  So, after much research, manufacture selection, taste testing, hosting focus groups, and meeting with brand developers we finally found the right formula to bring to market. The official birth of 365GREENS.